VOICES: River City, Episode 169: Death by SEIU 1000 cuts, with Jonah Paul

Today we’re joined by rank-and-file SEIU 1000 member Jonah Paul, who wrote this comprehensive piece on concerns over the union’s new populist, right-wing leader Richard Louis Brown, who recently announced to his Twitter followers, “I am YOUR VACCINATION against this VIRUS.”

Brown also likes to discuss his favorite sequence of numbers with his followers, 7437:

Those numbers came from God. […] Seven days to start life, right. Seven days to end life. If you take the numbers 7437 and add them up, you get 21. That’s the year that I won, 21. If you take seven times four, you get 28, right. That’s the smallest number of days in the month. Add three to it. That’s the most number of days in the month,” he said.”

Makes sense, right?

Almost as much sense as the 13-year rule of his predecessor, Yvonne Walker. While the opinion folks at the Bee may paint her as a saint, her tenure was certainly more complicated.

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