UNLOCKED – VOICES: River City, Episode 170: Ranger danger

Sacramento County Park Rangers steal cooking supplies from unhoused Sacramentans in July 2021.

Hi all! Kempa is in Nashville for the Podcast Movement convention and the rest of the crew wasn’t able to pull a quorum for a new ep today, so we’re unlocking an important patron-only episode from a couple weeks back, wherein we discuss a disturbing rise in Sacramento County Park Rangers terrorizing unhoused folks. When this episode first came out, a number of patrons suggested that we make it public. Shannon and Skyler (and possibly Flo?) will be back Friday with a real one for the patrons!

And if you’d like to support the folks at the island dealing with the rangers you can donate here.

We’re joined today by our good friend Niki, who has witnessed in recent months a drastic uptick in Sacramento County Parks Rangers terrorizing the unhoused community. They are bulldozing people’s homes (killing a litter of kittens in the process), stealing people’s cookware, and generally causing a sense of unease and fear at established encampments.

We talk with Niki about what’s happening, how folks are fighting back, and what people can continue to do to let county authorities know that their state-sanctioned violence won’t be carried out without a fight.

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