VOICES: River City, Episode 44: Elliot Stevenson of the Sacramento Tenants Union

This week we have a very special guest in Elliot Stevenson of the Sacramento Tenants Union, a group dedicated to protecting and empowering tenants against their landlords in the Sacramento region. They’re working overtime to let renters know their rights during the coronavirus pandemic, and are also offering assistance for tenants looking to organize. Interested in joining the fight? Click here and fill out this form. 

We then discuss the cease and desist letter that California’s homeless advocates have sent to Sacramento Mayor Darrell Steinberg, who continues to allow the police to roust, harass and terrorize the region’s homeless community as they seek out ways to protect themselves from the coronavirus pandemic.

Not to be outdone in the press release wars, the city put out a mailer claiming that they are making strides in helping the homeless community during these frightening times. But a step outdoors will prove otherwise.

On Sunday afternoon, Sacramento cops broke into a vacant Land Park house and found three people experiencing homelessness who were seeking refuge from the coronavirus. Did they offer them hotel vouchers? Did they connect them with services? No. They gave them citations and threw them back onto the streets.

Fed up yet? Well, we provide some ideas on how you can channel that energy. Give us a listen! And, as always:

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