VOICES: River City, Episode 45: Profiles in Idiocy (4.3.2020)

What a week for awful leadership. 

Sacramento’s Bethany Slavic Missionary Church is now linked with some six-dozen coronavirus cases. In fact, about 1/3 of the county’s confirmed cases are linked with church gatherings. Meanwhile, Sacramento golf courses have been deemed “essential” during the pandemic. Not to be outdone, Republican governors out east are doing their part to endanger their constituency, with Georgia’s Governor Kemp admitting that he JUST found out that coronavirus can be spread by asymptomatic folks. Not to be outdone, Florida governor Ron DeSantis has waited far too long in ordering his population to shelter in place

Before diving into that, however, the VOICES: crew discusses the crumpling of the region’s print product taking place alongside a global pandemic. We touch on RE Graswich’s piece discussing the fall of McClatchy and the Sacramento Bee, as well as the Sacramento News & Review’s (perhaps short-term) cutting of its print paper. While the industry continues to struggle to find a solid business model, we do note that the nonprofit model has been working for Capital Public Radio. We also discuss an exciting endeavor up north in the Mendocino Voice — a worker-owned news cooperative.

Finally, we understand that things are about to get real in the United States. We’ve all got friends of friends who’ve contracted coronavirus. Some of us personally know folks who’ve contracted the illness. There’s going to be a whole lot more of this in the coming weeks, so we take a moment to tell our personal experiences, and share some ideas for how people can work to maintain and improve their mental health. 

On a more positive note, we’d like to congratulate Serious Talk. Seriously. for their temporary return to the podcast universe. Always a pleasure to hear Sacramentans share their stories (even if they can’t go outside).

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