VOICES: River City, Episode 31: Master of Crows

The spring election season is here! And that means confusion for many No Party Preference California voters looking to vote in the Democratic presidential primary.

Some 75% of the state’s NPP voters have expressed their interest in voting in the primary, which the Democrats have left open for people outside the party to participate. Unfortunately, these potential voters need to take a somewhat confusing extra step in order to get a ballot with the Dem candidates on it. Voting experts in the state are concerned that this may disenfranchise a lot of eligible voters. We take a moment to discuss these concerns and walk our listeners through the process.

If you want to check your voting status, go here: https://voterstatus.sos.ca.gov/

Sacramento County voters can check their status here, or call or email the county.

We also discuss Governor Gavin Newsom’s $1.4 billion initiative to finally address the state’s homelessness crisis. Could this, at long last, finally make a difference in what is already a wildly intense human rights crisis?

Thanks, as always, to Be Brave Bold Robot for their lovely intro and outro jingles.

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