Anti-rent-control dollars in Jeff Harris’s (District 3) coffer

Council member Jeff Harris – 2018 campaign
Anti-Rent-Control PAC Contributions: $7,600
Developer/Property Manager Contributions (identified): $15,800

Campaign contributions from explicitly anti-rent-control political action groups to Sacramento’s city council members and Mayor Darrell Steinberg for their 2018 and 2020 campaigns near $54,000, according to public filings of donations exceeding $100.

Color scheme for spreadsheet below:

Red (“r” in the color code column): Anti-rent-control political action groups

Orange (“o”): Real estate developers and property managers with a vested interest in maintaining a rent-control-free Sacramento

Blue (“b”): Law enforcement and related entities

Green (“g”): Cannabis-related lobbying interests

Please feel free to contact VOICES: River City with updated information, or to correct any possible inaccuracies on our part. You can find campaign finance disclosures for the Sacramento City Council here.

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