Voices: River City — Episode 10 — See Something, Say Something

Immigration discussions only get worse and worse in this country, and as politicians and newspapers debate whether our communities should be ripped apart by byzantine laws and regulations, ICE is rolling into cities across the nation executing heinous deportation sweeps. Your host Anthony Siino interviews Rhonda Rios Kravitz and Janeth Rodriguez, of Alianza and the Sacramento Immigration Coalition, to discuss what’s currently on the table for immigration rights, what our communities are being forced to endure and what’s being done to create a better future for ourselves and our neighbors. Buckle in, it’s a long one.

If you see ICE officials in your neighborhood, call the Migra Watch hotline at (916) 245-6773.

For more on Alianza, visit http://alianzadream.org.

For more on the Sacramento Immigration Coalition, visit www.facebook.com/SacImmigrantCoalition2015.

Many thanks to the inimitable SpaceWalker for allowing us to share some tracks from her latest album, “Folktronica: Divinity & Beyond!” All music in this episode is from that album and it rules, so how about you go check it out and buy it? Here’s where you can do that: https://interstellarbeats.bandcamp.com.


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