VOICES: River City, Episode 17: Too damn high

We’re back. Don’t ask why we were away. Your host, Anthony Siino, awakens from his slumber to share more interviews, this time on the topics of rent control in Sacramento, Sac Pride, the weird things teens are putting in their pee holes and more. Plus, Modern Man shares their debut album. It’s bewildering stuff, so, uh, be ready for that.

If you’re interested in learning more about efforts for rent control in Sacramento, check out www.housing4sacramento.org and www.sacdsa.org. You can also follow Jonah Paul at @JonahPaul_.

Kenna Cook, our wonderful pansexual princess, can be found on Twitter at @mamacookling, and her writing can be found at (where else?) voicesrivercity.com.

You might notice on this episode that Anthony refers to the site as “VOICES:-River-City-dot-org.” He is wrong. And if he doesn’t yet regret the error, he will soon.

Finally, go buy the dang Modern Man record. It is very good, just like the band itself.


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