Voices: River City, Episode 21: Say Hello

Journalists Jennah Booth and Luis Gael Jimenez set out to talk with folks organizing the occupation outside downtown Sacramento’s ICE headquarters in a specially produced segment. Plus, sex educator supreme and incredible human being Kenna Cook returns to teach us how to slide into those DMs without being a jerk about it. As usual, host Anthony Siino just gets in the way.

Music provided by the incomparable Sparks Across Darkness, who recently released a new album, Obscura, from which all tunes shared on this episode derive. Check out his work on SoundCloud and keep your eyes peeled for updates on shows and new music here.

(Don’t forget to support local artists – time, money, sharing their stuff on social media – anything and everything makes a difference.)

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Find previous episodes of the podcast as well as Kenna’s column and breaking news, opinion and more at voicesrivercity.com.

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