Voices: River City, Episode 20: For Us, By Us

This episode’s all about folks taking what they have and providing for their neighbors, making spaces, creating opportunities and fighting to build something together. We start with Rachel Freund and Buddy Hale, co-founders of Musiclandria, talking about how it came to be that they’re now three years deep into operating a community music library, providing not only instruments and accessories but also recording devices, access to recording and practice spaces and even workshops on how to start making music of your own. They’re extremely charming folks — so charming, in fact, that you’ll forgive Anthony’s boneheaded questions.

PLUS: V:RC founder and editor Dave Kempa joins in to talk about the Occupy ICE camp that’s taking direct action straight to ICE’s local headquarters. Dave shares his observations on the cooperation between Sacramento police and ICE agents, including some details that other local media hasn’t quite gotten around to yet.

And we’ve got even more: Separate Spines, an incredible local band that just happens to include Buddy and Rachel, shares their music with us! Not just straight tracks, though. They made the intro and transition tunes specifically for this episode, which is incredible and amazingly generous, if you ask Anthony. They also end the episode with a previously unreleased song aptly named for current events: Ashes.

Check out Musiclandria here so you can start that trap/swing revival project you’ve been thinking about: http://musiclandria.com/

Go listen to (and purchase!) Separate Spines’ music here: https://separatespines.bandcamp.com/


A note from your host: This podcast is produced sporadically and completely out of order, in pieces wherever I can jam interviews into my poorly planned schedule. Certain pieces of this episode might seem uncertain in relation to things that are pretty obvious in other parts of the episode. Apologies for any layers of confusion this may add as you listen. Thank you for your patience and your support, and enjoy the episode!


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