Campaign contributions from anti-rent-control PACs to Mayor Steinberg and Sacramento City Council

VOICES: River City is conducting a special project for Sacramento’s 2018 and 2020 city elections, tracing the dollars funneled into each campaign and compiling the information for our readers’ use.

Given the current rent control debate, we wanted to share how much money has gone into each sitting member’s campaign from anti-rent-control PACs, as well as developers and property managers.

Click on the races that interest you below to examine the complete, up-to-date spreadsheets of donor filings. You will also find links to downloads of our data sets.

Sacramento City Council – 2018 & 2020

Mayor Darrell Steinberg – 2020
Anti-Rent-Control PAC Contributions: $9,900
Developer/Property Manager Contributions (identified): $22,850
Angelique Ashby – District 1 – 2018
Anti-Rent-Control PAC Contributions: $11,200
Developer/Property Manager Contributions (identified): $20,350
Allen Warren – District 2 – 2020
[No current filings]
Jeff Harris – District 3 – 2018
Anti-Rent-Control PAC Contributions: $7,600
Developer/Property Manager Contributions (identified): $15,800
Steve Hansen – District 4 – 2020
Anti-Rent-Control PAC Contributions: $1,000
Developer/Property Manager Contributions (identified): $6,750
Jay Schenirer – District 5 – 2018
Anti-Rent-Control PAC Contributions: $10,200
Developer/Property Manager Contributions (identified): $14,900
Eric Guerra – District 6 – 2020
Anti-Rent-Control PAC Contributions: $1,650
Developer/Property Manager Contributions (identified): $200
Rick Jennings – District 7 – 2018
Anti-Rent-Control PAC Contributions: $10,950
Developer/Property Manager Contributions (identified): $15,430
Larry Carr – District 8 – 2020[No current filings]

Please remember that this takes time to compile and double-check. If you are using this data, and you trust the work that we’re doing at V:RC, consider becoming a member and donating $5 per month to help us keep Sacramento transparent.


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