Councilmember Katie Valenzuela on her trip to Cuba

The Biden administration on Monday eased American restrictions on Cuba, but Cuban officials were strong in their position that these were simply baby steps to a true relationship.

We’re joined today by Sacramento City Councilmember Katie Valenzuela to discuss her recent trip to Cuba–a country where healthcare is free and housing is a human right.

Valenzuela was in the Caribbean to meet with workers from all over the globe to discuss how solidarity can be fostered throughout the world.

We also dispel a lot of American talking points on Cuba. The American government talks about Cuban “terrorism.” Let’s not forget about Cubana Air flight 455 in 1976, a clear act of American terrorism against a commercial flight that killed 73 people.

Finally, we have an initial discussion on this year’s budget. After everything Sacramentans have gone through, and everything they’ve asked for, are we still going to add money to our police department?

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