Capitol classists and East Sac fascists

Today we discuss a couple of homelessness bills state Republicans are pushing forward, such as Roseville’s Josh Hoover’s push to make it illegal for just about anyone to sleep just about anywhere in a city or town in California

We also take a moment for Robin Swanson, a conservative Democratic operative from East Sacramento who is quoted in the above story, and who appears to be pushing for some truly fascist policies against our unhoused neighbors.

We recommend a scroll through her tweets the last couple days:

Is Robin really a concerned mother, or is she running a public campaign to rally folks for a challenger against Sacramento’s current District 4 incumbent? One cannot trust these operatives.

Finally, we host a reading series on a baffling Fresno Bee editorial that tells us nothing and everything all at once.

Thanks for listening, defund the police and, as always:

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