The billionaire’s gambit / Tank ’town hall’ recap

Every couple of months or so, a rich person in California decides “enough is enough” on our homelessness crisis, and believes that they will be the one to spur the state into action.

Last month, that rich person happened to be billionaire partner at Sequoia Capital/San Francisco resident Michael Moritz, who has thrown millions of dollars into local elections to hamstring progressive initiatives to get folks into housing and connected to services. For some reason, his gripes about San Francisco ended up in print some 3,000 miles away, in the pages of the New York Times.

In the coming days, a number of Bay Area outlets wrote deft take-downs of Moritz’s fact-free missive. Our favorite was the one by Joe Eskenazi in Mission Local. We take a moment to discuss this tired trend of billionaires spouting the same nonsense ad nauseam.

Oh, and did you hear? Sacramento’s District 5 city council member Caity Maple held something of a town hall in response to residents’ anger over the fact that she ran for office on a platform of demilitarizing the police, and then upon gaining office promptly voted to give Sac PD a tank.

There’s no video available of the meeting, but journalists Tess Townsend and Robin Epley covered the bases quite well on Twitter.

We also take a moment to discuss the second failed recall attempt against District 4 council member Katie Valenzuela by angry rich folks. Funny how they tried to bury the lede by announcing their candidate to run against her in 2024 the day before news of the lame recall effort dropped.

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