VOICES: River City, Episode 82: Alana Mathews of the Community Justice Collaborative

This episode we are joined by Alana Mathews, founder of the Community Justice Collaborative and adjunct professor at the McGeorge School of Law. We discuss her work with CJC, as well as her opposition to a startlingly tone-deaf statewide ballot measure.

Proposition 20 is a “tough-on-crime” attempt to push back on Propositions 47 and 57, which were designed to get nonviolent offenders out of jails/prisons and ease the state’s burgeoning prison population. As you might have guessed, friend of the show Anne Marie Schubert is a proponent of the bill. So is Assemblymember Jim Cooper.

We also take some time to discuss the wild misuse of funds at the county level, and how Sacramento County Executive Nav Gill lied, stone-faced, to the Sacramento County Board of Supervisors about why nearly all of the CARES Act funding went to the Sheriff’s Department, as opposed to COVID-19 relief efforts (where it should have gone). 

Oh, and did we mention that real rent control is back?

One final note: Sam Greenlee of Alchemist CDC is pulling together volunteers and supplies to help our unhoused neighbors get through the upcoming heat wave. Care to help? Reach out. 

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