VOICES: River City, Episode 110: California turkeys abound

Last Saturday a bunch of Proud Boys, “Stop the Steal” and other right-wing folks descended on the west steps of the state Capitol for the third weekend in a row since experts called the presidential election for Joe Biden.

They punched women, hassled legal observers and were overall just sort of horrible to everyone but the cops, whose boots were immaculate when we walked over to view the damage later that afternoon.

It appears the Proud Boys will be back next weekend, along with the Freedom Angels and, we’re sure, a number of other QAnon and far-right folks. We take a moment to let our listeners know what they can do to take care of themselves if they decide to go out and meet them.

Two nights after CapRadio published a story about how advocates were concerned over the horribly cold weather conditions for folks experiencing homelessness in the region, and how it was time to open warming centers, a man died needlessly in the street near Loaves & Fishes. We take a moment to join the chorus calling to open warming centers. 

Finally, we have some updates on state and local leaders beginning to see the consequences of their actions. 

First, political consultant Alice Huffman has finally stepped down as head of the California NAACP after two decades of benefiting monetarily from horrible special interest groups whose causes were, against all reason, supported by the state NAACP. 

Locally, Sacramento County CEO Nav Gill has finally been put on (paid!) administrative leave while the county looks into misconduct allegations leveled against him by multiple county employees. 

And while she may still have job security, Sacramento County Supervisor Sue Frost is finally getting the attention she deserves for her incredibly terrible behavior. Frost, you’ll remember, was the sole vote against a resolution for the county supervisors to acknowledge racism as a health crisis. Marcos Breton at the Bee got some feedback from county racists in his mailbag after calling Frost out. 

But no matter how badly Frost wants to support racism, and no matter how many ‘roided-out Saturdays the Proud Boys want to spend at the Capitol, the winds of change are blowing. 

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